CUN Auto Rentals participation in Premium SUV Marathon
CUN Auto Rentals participation in Premium SUV Marathon

After numerous trips through many countries of the world, summer of 2016 has marked the start of a new initiative. The purpose of the Moldova SUV Marathon was to explore our country on SUVs, an off-road adventure which would test these cars and allow the participants to discover new places, less known to the general public. The organizers wanted to prove that Moldova is incredibly beautiful and special, especially in remote corners, and inspire its citizens, but also foreigners to go for special escapades through unexplored places of Moldova. For the participants, this initiative wasn’t just a drive on 6 SUVs, but a real competition between the crews. Each car had two adventurers on board who had to tend to the best fuel efficiency for their car model.

In order to create an interesting balance of premium SUVs in the marathon, the car rental company CUN Auto Rentals have met the challenge to take part in it with their GLE 250 d 4MATIC AMG Exterior which allowed to demonstrate its advantages on Moldovan roads!

The spirit of adventure and spontaneity continued in the autumn edition of the Marathon. Thus, on September 25, the same team of fearless explorers, but this time in premium-class SUVs, set forth once more to explore Moldova. We decided to put our GLE 250 d Exterior AMG to the test. The selected route had all kinds of road types and landscapes, and also areas of total off-road, which had us going at 5-10 km/h, driving through absolutely destroyed areas of road, gravel, etc. For these reasons the vehicle of choice was the SUV, enabling us to drive anywhere.

The Marathon ended on October 25. The cars traveled about 1,500 km across many picturesque places of Moldovan countryside, Lake Beleu and the famous Lower Prut reservation, the village of Congaz (longest village in Moldova), also Comrat Cimişlia and Căuşeni, some indigenous wineries and Mimi Castle, Old Orhei, the Magura Heap, Bahmut Tourist Club and many other interesting places.

According to the results of the marathon, the GLE 250 d 4MATIC AMG Exterior has demonstrated all its best features and showed that it is perfect for Moldovan roads. CUN Auto Rentals provides the opportunity to rent a SUV for any period you like!