S-Class MAYBACH 560 4MATIC - Komarovsky
Doctor Komarovsky recommends CUN Auto Rentals

On November 26th, a nice and useful seminar was held by the well-known pediatrician Evghenie Komarovsky.

Thus, CUN Auto Rentals, being the partner of this event, had the honor to accompany him during his stay in Chișinău.

Doctor Komarovsky is appreciated due to his professional and medical skills and comes with clear and concise answers to many questions that many parents are facing.

CUN Auto Rentals comes with the same high targets for all its customers. We place great emphasis on the comfort and safety of your family, so we try to improve every day to keep up with the highest standards and to meet everyone’s wishes.

CUN Auto Rentals owns exclusively Mercedes-Benz cars of different colors and models, equipped to the highest level.

What do Doctor Komarovsky and CUN Auto Rentals have in common?

  1. Details – draw attention to the smallest details when it comes to your safety. Although for some it seems unimportant at first sight, they are in fact the basis of the comfort we offer;  
  1. Safety – we know where to look for the problem, so we anticipate from the start the primary needs for your safety;
  2. Solutions – we come up with solutions for any of your needs because a pleased customer is a priority for us;
  1. Satisfaction – is the end result. Our customers leave us happy and satisfied, but they always come back because they know that there is someone waiting for them who really cares.


Asked by CUN Auto Rentals how he felt with us, Dr. Kamarovsky responded with a smile to his face:

“Exclusive and comfortable cars, nice and attentive people, well-done!”