Elegant. Ecologic. Economic. The new Mercedeses E Class have arrived!

Distinct, exciting design,  exclusive interior and a lot of innovations – all of these on the board of the same car, Mercedes-Benz E Class. This model marks the tenth generation of the business class, bringing, for this time, elegant highlights, high quality and maximum comfort.

The new E Class invites you to trips based on safety, due to its performed control system, equipped with numerous sensors, video cameras and support systems. The ease they are driven with gives the driver the freedom to express himself, to reveal his true personality. To confirm the above mentioned,  we have to add that for the first time in a car appears the Touch Control – a smartphone interface that allows the driver to control the whole system with his fingers, without the need to take his hands off the steering wheel.

The Avantgarde style reveals a sport package, specific only for E series, a dynamic look, and luxurious air in the same time, which, once inhaling it, makes you discover another life in front of the steering wheel. Being as beautiful, as it is efficient, E Class Mercedeses have been designed in harmony with nature: ECO measures help the vehicle polluate much less the environment.

Innovative drive system, a new engine generation, new dimensions in efficiency, a suspension that offers the highest level of comfort during a journey, a new tendency of entertainment and information…now you have the opportunity to live a new experience which you won’t forget soon – rent one of the five new E-Class Mercedeses from CUN Auto Rentals and remember that life is too short to miss such deep sensations.

Choose the black one to accentuate your elegance, the gray – for a solid and rafined allure, brown – for your self confidence, white – for infinite roads or the red one which betrays your thirst and passion for speed. We have them all!

Match one of the New E-Class Mercedeses with your temper and let it rediscover yourself!