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Interesting Facts about GWagen

Recently, our fleet of Mercedes Benz cars for rent has been exclusively completed with G 350 D Bluetec that is popularly called Geländewagen. What do you know about this car?

  • Geländewagen is translated from German as “Car for off-road conditions”.
  • According to Forbes magazine, Geländewagen is one of top 10 best SUVs.
  • This legendary SUV is produced since 1979.
  • From the beginning of its production there were assembled over 200.000 of G-Class cars.
  • At the beginning, GWagen came in five colours: beige, green, creamy, yellow and red.
  • The rarest W462 series is manufactured in Greece.
  • The exclusive GWagen called G200, was produced in Italy.
  • From the very first day of production, each GWagen is assembled manually.
  • Among SUVs belonging to G-Class there are right-hand drive cars.
  • VR7 provides maximum protection and this is the only armor-clad car of a German brand. And this is Mercedes Benz of G-Class.
  • G-Class differs with turn signals placed on the upper portion of splasher.
  • Geländewagen has two birthdays. Mercedes Benz celebrates GWagen’s birthday on 10th February 1979, on the last day of the car presentation. Magna Steyr celebrates GWagen’s birthday on 11st March 1977, when the factory’s construction has begun.
  • Once in five years, in Austria, the Bavarian club organizes the international meeting of GWagen owners.
  • Italian designer Giuseppe Santoni launched shoes collection called G63 – “Santoni for AMG” dedicated to GWagen.
  • In many countries worldwide, including Russia, the police drive G-Class cars.

On our web site you can rent Geländewagen for any period you like! The car is offered without a driver, or with a driver for an additional charge.