A-Class-uri 180 d
Mercedes-Benz A-Class 180 D

Feel the revelation of time.

Connect with the sports spirit of the A-class cars and let yourself be worn by 109 hp.

Unique and unmistakable design with “Mercedes-Benz” inscribed and illuminated thresholds, will render the personality of a winner.

The extravagant interior allows you to relax as you drive, and the multifunction leather steering wheel will take over some of your tasks.

The heated front seats, with 4-way lumbar support, fit perfectly during winter, bringing spring un your heart.

Your comfort and safety is a priority for us, so we choose to serve you with the Mercedes-Benz cars equipped with the best techniques to keep you fully satisfied.

CUN Auto Rentals understands the importance of the uniqueness and originality of each, so we chose to offer you more colors of the Mercedes-Benz A 180 D model.

Choose the black and discover its mystery and solidarity through your personality.

The athletic gray allows you to be active and conquer the routes you are traveling with confidence.

Discover the immaculate white and find yourself in elegance and refinement.

The red color is characterized by sensuality, strength, and trust.

Which color suits you?